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Bathroom Remodeling: Your Throne, Your Vision

Bathroom remodeling can be a very lucrative and rewarding investment. Not only can it add tremendous value to your home, but it will also add quality of life.

Replacing an old cramped bathroom with a new luxurious space with space for two people is entirely possible with bathroom renovation services from JCS General Contractors

In addition to adding value and luxury, you can increase the safety of your bathroom in a significant way by remodeling.

Also known as renovation, remodeling a bathroom typically refers to changing some part of the existing structure’s layout or creating something new within it.

This modification could improve accessibility for the disabled, two sinks for you and your partner, giant showerheads for a better experience, add additional lighting, or make the room more spacious.

– Multi-person shower with enough space and durable material

– Cheaper power bills due to an energy-efficient toilet and light fixtures

– A reworked bathtub/shower area with luxurious fixtures such as rainfall showers and handheld showerheads

– Custom cabinets and drawers for added storage

When it comes to your bathroom remodel project, as we have access to the top brands, the best suppliers in the industry, and the highest quality bath fixtures in the world.

We use proven bathroom renovation techniques to ensure our clients get a safe, secure renovation with maximum financial return.


The Bathroom Design Experts

One of the best parts about having your bathroom remodeled by us is that you are guaranteed to see an increase in both home value and personal enjoyment.

Even if there isn’t anything wrong with your current shower or tub, most people are just tired of their old design.

Having your bathroom completely reworked creates an altogether new bathroom space that You can customize to meet all kinds of different needs—making the room handicap-accessible, updating the flooring, or simply adding a few new bathroom cabinets.

Are you tired of looking at your tired bathroom with its standard matching tiles and tub/shower combos?

There are a few ways to add a splash of color in this room without repainting the walls. For example, you can go for a new countertop surface or even have the flooring rethought.

In addition, many homeowners choose to install new finishes on their cabinets and accessories. Include using sleek glass knobs on old cupboard doors, trading outdated pulls for modern ones, installing colorful drawer liners inside drawers, and more.

Bathroom Remodel Basics

So once you have decided to move forward with a bathroom redo, what do you need to know?

For starters, bathrooms are usually the smallest room in a home, and thus you mustn’t try to accomplish too much. For instance, if your bathroom is tiny, focus on giving it a new look without trying to add any walk-in tubs to its structure or layout.

You want to keep in mind what your old bathroom did have going for it since this will help determine what you should add or replace.

However, if you have a larger bathroom, some limitations exist on what changes should be applied. Although getting rid of the tub and turning part of the space into an upscale shower area would be nice, not everyone has enough room for such renovations. You also want to keep the bathroom within your price range.

  • Toilets
  • Bathroom Sinks
  • Showerheads
  • Bathroom Tile
  • Vanities
  • Faucets
  • Lightning
  • Cabinets & Storage
  • Bathtubs & Whirlpools
  • Showers

Custom Design Projects

Now that you know what bathroom remodeling is, what can you expect from having it done? Well, there are quite a few options available these days. If you have an older home with a dated-looking tub or shower area, switching out these fixtures for newer styles is one of the most popular moves.

These include installing more affordable fiberglass units over existing tile work, bringing in luxurious garden tubs, adding walk-in showers, and more ergonomic toilets.

Space, Light, and Flow:

Gone are the days when bathrooms had to be cramped, valuable spaces. You can leave your bathroom remodeled with a larger vanity area if you have the extra room to play in.

Or, if you’re going for a more compact look, consider installing a wall-mounted storage piece next to the sink instead of including built-in cabinets.

In addition, how do you ensure that natural light from outside is allowed through your windows? You don’t need large windows to make this happen since innovative skylights are available today.

These fixtures will allow your bathroom’s lighting scheme to work double duty as they let in extra sunlight and add an element of style to this design while they’re at it!

New Vanities and Cabinets for More Storage

There’s always a need to add more drawers and shelves to bathroom cabinets. This extra space will come in handy because we often use ongoing storage needs such as linens, cotton balls, makeup, combs/brushes, and other everyday items in this room.

Of course, we also want to consider resituating toiletries like shampoos and scrubs if we’re going to add a shower or tub in this remodel.

Another reason why it’s essential to consider the overall layout of this room when thinking about what its final design will be like. You need to plan around your wants, needs, and the extra space you have in mind for allocating storage along one or more walls.

Whether you’re looking to change out an old vanity mirror or want a double sink arrangement that will allow each person in the bathroom their work area, there are several options available to choose from.

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